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3.45 omp_unset_nest_lock – Unset nested lock


A nested lock about to be unset must have been locked by omp_set_nested_lock or omp_test_nested_lock before. In addition, the lock must be held by the thread calling omp_unset_nested_lock. If the nesting count drops to zero, the lock becomes unlocked. If one ore more threads attempted to set the lock before, one of them is chosen to, again, set the lock to itself.

Prototype:void omp_unset_nest_lock(omp_nest_lock_t *lock);
Interface:subroutine omp_unset_nest_lock(nvar)
integer(omp_nest_lock_kind), intent(inout) :: nvar
See also:

omp_set_nest_lock – Wait for and set nested lock


OpenMP specification v4.5, Section 3.3.5.