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3.36 omp_set_teams_thread_limit – Set upper thread limit for teams construct


Specifies the upper bound for number of threads that will be available for each team created by the teams construct which does not specify a thread_limit clause. The argument of omp_set_teams_thread_limit shall be a positive integer.

Prototype:void omp_set_teams_thread_limit(int thread_limit);
Interface:subroutine omp_set_teams_thread_limit(thread_limit)
integer, intent(in) :: thread_limit
See also:

OMP_TEAMS_THREAD_LIMIT – Set the maximum number of threads imposed by teams, omp_get_teams_thread_limit – Maximum number of threads imposed by teams, omp_get_thread_limit – Maximum number of threads


OpenMP specification v5.1, Section 3.4.5.