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3.32 omp_set_nested – Enable/disable nested parallel regions


Enable or disable nested parallel regions, i.e., whether team members are allowed to create new teams. The function takes the language-specific equivalent of true and false, where true enables dynamic adjustment of team sizes and false disables it.

Enabling nested parallel regions will also set the maximum number of active nested regions to the maximum supported. Disabling nested parallel regions will set the maximum number of active nested regions to one.

Prototype:void omp_set_nested(int nested);
Interface:subroutine omp_set_nested(nested)
logical, intent(in) :: nested
See also:

omp_get_nested – Nested parallel regions, omp_set_max_active_levels – Limits the number of active parallel regions, OMP_MAX_ACTIVE_LEVELS – Set the maximum number of nested parallel regions, OMP_NESTED – Nested parallel regions


OpenMP specification v4.5, Section 3.2.10.